Quarter Saw is busting into Maker Market with wonderfully crafted and inspired home goods. Quarter Saw combines industrial and modern design to create pieces that are both beautiful and functional.  Owner and creator Scott Fleming has taken his youthful love of woodworking, passed down by his father, and started a blooming business dedicated to his unique style and high quality craftsmanship. This soon to be groom took a little time away from Quarter Saw and the insanity that is wedding planning to talk about his new business and the everlasting impact of Zelda.

maker market quarter saw triangles shelves handmade

MM: When and how did Quarter Saw get started?

Scott Fleming: After a failed start up in Arizona, I found myself out of a job back home with my parents.  I always loved woodworking as a hobby and figured I'd try to make some cash with it.


MM: Is Quarter Saw a full time gig or a side business?

SF: Even though it started out as a money making venture, it's now a side business for me.  I work a steady day job as VP of sales for a small electronics wholesaling biz outside of Milwaukee.  Electronics and woodworking don't exactly go hand in hand....or maybe I'm a Renaissance man.  It's all good.


MM: When and how did you pick up woodworking?

SF: My dad is a master woodworker by hobby; grew up on a farm, engineer, knows how to build just about anything.  From a small age I gravitated towards that and was operating a scroll saw by the time I was in 5th grade...mostly making Zelda swords and whatnot.  


MM: Where do you source your materials?

SF: Wherever I can find good stuff.  For big box stores it's mostly junk besides Menards. Craigslist has also been pretty fruitful for me. Just need to be willing to take a little drive out of the city.  My live edge slabs are from Hoppe Tree Service.


quarter saw for maker market record shelf handmade wood craft

MM: What are some of your top sellers?

SF:  My top sellers are, hands down, record stands.  Closely followed by essential oil diffusers and triangle shelves.  I've put up 2 live edge coffee tables and they've both sold which is awesome.  I'll have a black walnut table at the next market so hopefully somebody wants that one in their house too.


MM: How do you develop your designs? What is your process like?

SF: Creative process is really up and down for me.  Sometimes I want nothing to do with woodworking, other times I'll see something and immediately the gears start turning in my head.  My biggest motivator is probably just learning how to do new things, putting new tools in my belt is a great feeling.


oil difuser by quarter saw for maker market milwaukee

MM: How did you create your essential oil diffusers and their modern meets mad scientist design?

SF: Well organic chemistry was my favorite class in college so I do know my way around a Bunsen burner, but the idea was actually belongs to my fiancée- she's really into essential oils.  She basically said "hey you should make an oil diffuser" and the design is just what I came up with.


MM: Why do you think buying handmade and local makes a difference?

SF: I think buying handmade local is cool due to the personal nature of it.  Meeting people is awesome. This kind of stuff forces people to meet face to face and chat.  I like that.  It's easy to click a few buttons on Amazon and wait a couple days, but when you leave a market with something handmade you also go home with a story and a new friendship.  It's cool.


live edge handmade table by quarter saw for maker market milwaukee

MM: Will you be debuting any new products at the upcoming Maker Market?

SF: I'll be displaying my live edge black walnut table/bench with maple inlays.  It's pretty rad.  I had a lot of people asking me about benches at the last Maker Market.  I threw more rigid and sturdy legs on this table that can support a few people sitting on it.....and there you have it, a table/bench hybrid is born.

live edge maple table by quarter saw for maker market milwaukee


MM: What is currently inspiring you? Books? Blogs? Music? IG accounts?

SF: To be honest I'm getting married in less than 2 months so that's really been my focus lately!


In the market for a killer new record stand or a industrial but modern oil diffuser? Come see Scott and Quarter Saw at the upcoming Maker Market this Sunday in the parking lot of Colectivo in Bay View!


AuthorAshley Smith